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Description of Air Remote Desktop

This is Air Remote Desktop the most powerful application that allows you to remotely control your PC over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi , it's easy to use.

Air Remote Desktop works on multi platform like Windows Linux and Mac.

Some of the Features of Air Remote Desktop

★ ★ Download the server from here

★ ★ Make sure java runtime installed on your computer :

★ Mouse ★

Imagine your PC touchpad right on your Android device.Multi-touch gestures like scrolling and zooming are supported.You can toggle the keyboard to send keys at the same time.

★ Live Screen ★ (**ONLY IN PRO VERSION**)

See your PC's screen right on your Android device live and control it

★ Media ★

Control the media player of your choice supported Windows Media Player,iTunes,VLC Media Player,Home Cinema,Media Monkey,Quicktime, and more.

★ Presentation ★

Control your slideshows directly from your smartphone that works:with PowerPoint,Adobe Reader,Windows Media Center.

★ Browser ★

Control your browser directly from your smartphone That works with Chrome,Mozilla,Internet explorer and Opera.

★ Shortcuts ★

You can edit documents with shortcuts like Cut,Copy,Paste,Find and Select All.

★ File explorer ★

Easily navigate through your directories on your File System and launch your Files.

★ Help ★

You can at any time go to help and read the explanation of the application work.

Setupp Guide :

In your computer :

1.Install the server.

You can Download the server from here

2.Make sure the server is running

3.Make sure java runtime installed on your computer :

In your android smartphone Or tablet :

1.Press connections

2.Create a Connection either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

3.Choose a name

4.The Default password (remote) has been set.If you want to change it.Do the changes in both Client And Server.

5.If you created a Wifi Connection,You can find your computer IP address. It will be located in the server icon. Once you have it type it in. It should look something like this (192.168.x.x)

6.If you created a Bluetooth Connection,Select the Bluetooth Address of your PC by scanning it

7.Save your Connection

8.Long press your Connection and select use

9.After that Choose any feature And Use it

★ why Air Remote Desktop best ★

- Best in Quality

Programming team is pleased to provide the application with high quality without any problems and to make it easy to use.

- multi platform

To feel free with Air Remote Desktop our programmers making the app works on Multi Platform like Windows, Linux & Mac.

- Unique Design

The Unique Design team is well known for their fresh and innovative approach to any challenge,Our design for your convenience.

- Control your Mouse directly from your smartphone.

- Control your browser directly from your smartphone.

- Control your slideshows directly from your smartphone.

- Control your File directly from your smartphone.

- Control your Media directly from your smartphone.

- Press, drag and hold the screen to move the mouse.

- To use the mouse wheel, slide the right part of the screen (up and down).

- Enable screen capture in the settings menu.

★ ★ Download the server from here

★ ★ Make sure java runtime installed on your computer :

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APK Version 1.1-free
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